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Hello. How may I contact you? 

Hello, I've added a support email address to ... I get so much spam on an old email address I'm terrified about posting it directly here (some bot will read it at some point) : )

Happy to help out via chat if it's about the game?

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Deleted 97 days ago

I'm also interested! :) 

Deleted 97 days ago

Hello. Wanted to contact you via email, but there is no feedback from you. I have a question of the following nature, is it still possible to buy from you a key to activate the game: Citadel 1986 on the gaming platform Steam. Thank you for your answer.

Hello. I am waiting for a reply from you, please get back to me.

This game is really great!

this game is grate cant wait for the full game.can you make the full game free cuz i would relly enjoy playing it.thanks