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shout out this game for being being one of my first ever memories overall. i remembered it a while back and looked it up to see what became of it and found it here and i played it so much that when i close my eyes i see the little materials symbols

Hello! Absolutely, I'm just in the process of closing down the original site, so all the games will be on as part of that process. Should be a week or two.

This is awesome! I remember playing this game when I was a kid over on shockwave. Any chance for its sister game puppy sanctuary to make an appearance down the line as well?

The game is as great as my friends and I remember.  Is there a secret iOS port anywhere for *those* people?

Hey Zuba, thanks your generous purchase (!) and for telling your friends : D

I did port Kitten Sanctuary to iOS and Android, a long time ago back before F2P and IAP had completely taken over.

Apple likes to make things obsolete however and I found I didn't have the resources to keep up. Eventually, Apple removed the games ... which was a shame as the games all still ran on 1st Gen Devices.

Ha, mini-rant ... you may have hit a sore spot there : P

Thanks & best wishes,