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Circulate was my second game as an indie. It's a throwback to some puzzle I got as a kid, a circular plastic thing filled with water which had a cocktail glass and some stuff you had to try get into the glass. Anyway, here's the game blurb ...

Circulate brings you a fun twist on puzzle games. Spin entire levels around to circulate spheres, which can be controlled, collected or destroyed depending on each level's objectives.

There's plenty to master in Circulate, including Color Spheres, Containers, Stop & Move Spheres, UFOs, Bombs, Bubbles, Crystals, Magnets, Dice, Doors, Forcefields, Metal Spheres, Fire & Ice Spheres, Pod Generators, Tilt Meters, Shapes and Black Holes!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I was looking for a full version of this game from a while! Thanks for uploading :D Great game! Had a lot of fun playing this years back! This would work great on a mobile too.

Hey, thanks for the comment/purchase : )

I ported some of the games to iOS/Android, but not Circulate because a publisher had already optioned the game for mobile . Unfortunately it never appeared.

Hope you enjoy the game!


I have the most distinct memories playing this game as a kid, but I could hardly remember what the game was even called until I saw itch.io's Twitter. Getting to play this again fills me with such gleeful nostalgia, and I'd say it still holds up great! I simply couldn't take it for free, so consider my purchase a "thank you" for the childhood memories in this blast from the past :)

Sorry I missed this post at first!

Ha, I occasionally get nostalgic messages about Kitten/Puppy Sanctuary cause of the cute characters, but this is a first for Circulate : D

I hope it lived up to your memories and thank you for purchasing it ... it's much appreciated!



Thanks for the video! It's fun watching someone else play the game ... terrifying ending though : )

Thanks to whoever just bought the game! That's the first time anyone's bought one of my games under Pay What You Want terms ... I feel so 'indie' right now : D


Oh, good! I haven't thrown my mouse at the wall for several years now. And now that I use wireless mice, there's  really no reason not to revisit this classic! Nice to see you back!


Ha, you should get quite some distance with a wireless : )

I was play-testing before putting the game up and thought some of the magnet levels might be impossible due to hacky coding and faster PCs ... but managed to complete them using a constantly-spinning-zero-gravity technique, so all should be good!